Thursday, 30 January 2020

GREAT CANON: Teclis - Part 2: Aenarion (1992-1999)

Welcome back to Great Cannon, in Part 2 of my look at Teclis we'll be looking back at his subsequent 4th and 5th edition appearances, as well as the backstory of his vaunted ancestor, the anguished hero Aenarion, first of the Phoenix Kings.

GREAT CANON: Teclis - Part 1: The Sculpting of a Mage (1992)

Welcome to Great Canon, a new feature I'd like to try out, where I put my ability to accumulate and retain pointless information for decades to good use, and detail the complete publication, miniature, background and game history of long standing Games Workshop characters, from their origins (typically in the original Warhammer Fantasy Battle), all the way through to the present day. Up first is a series of posts covering Teclis, who hastily edged out the Archaon stuff I'd previously been putting together in the wake of the Lumineth Realm-Lords reveal.