Monday, 16 December 2019

QUICK REVIEW: Hamilcar: Age of Enlightenment (short)

Gracing the Black Library's annual advent calendar today is Hamilcar: The Age of Enlightenment, a short story staring (and told by) Hamilcar Bear-eater, David Guymer's rambunctious Stormcast Lord-Castellant turned Knight-Questor. With a blub promising a featured role for Settrus, the obviously-made-out-to-be-Settra Lord-Celestant, who'd triggered the Longbeard internet in February this year when he'd appeared as a misfiring Easter egg in Guymer's novel, Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods, I was definitely curious enough to pick up Age of Enlightenment and get more information on such a controversial take on a classic WFB character.