Thursday, 28 November 2019

GUIDE: The Blacksmoke Battery (Mercenary Company)

Are you veteran Dwarf or Empire player who misses actual cannons and the damage they put out, a Dispossessed fan who wants duardin war machines to match the rest of your troops, or simply a shooting phase aficionado looking to add a bit of variety to your gunline? Look no further than the Blacksmoke Battery, a mercenary company of redoubtable duardin artillerists introduced in the General's Handbook 2019, and one of Cities of Sigmar's best kept secrets (especially in Greywater Fastness armies), that I'll be fully exploring getting the most bang for your buck from, whichever army you choose to use them in with this tactical guide.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

CITY SPOTLIGHT (?): Lawrence's Sunz of Rust Ironjawz

City Spotlight is back... with an army you'd be very pressed to describe as civilised, but I felt was so good I couldn't not make an exception for and feature on the blog. Presenting my very dear friend Lawrence's Sunz of Rust Ironjawz, an incredible project years in the making, currently taking the internet by storm after making it up to 2,000 points and being unveiled at Warhammer Achievements earlier this month, where Law went on to win the best army trophy.

Friday, 8 November 2019

EVENT REPORT: Grewyater Fastness (and Gotrek) at Warhammer Achievements 7

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Steve Wren's Warhammer Achievements (now in it's seventh year), my first proper narrative event. Originally put together for WFB by Steve (now events manager at Warhammer World), who continues to run it under the umbrella of Blood and Glory at the Roundhouse in Derby, Warhammer Achievements is an event like no other, where the overall winner is determined by how many "achievements points" players can score on and off the battlefield.