Monday, 29 July 2019

Hello! + some painted models

Welcome to the first (and at a reasonable guess given my attention span, last) post on my Cities of Sigmar blog for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The Cities of Sigmar (or Free Cities for those of us who've been around since 2016), and the factions that make them up have been my favourite part of the game and setting since they first appeared, and to me are the perfect marriage of classic Warhammer's look and background, and Age of Sigmar's extravagant themes and limitless capacity for creativity.

I've been writing Free City focused guides, tactics articles, and event reports on the forums at for the last three years, and after the announcement of Battletome: Cities of Sigmar just over a week ago (at time of writing), have decided to finally launch a blog dedicated to AoS's most cosmopolitan army. My aim is to create a hub of information, hobby showcases, battle reports and hopefully a few laughs for Cities of Sigmar players (and anyone else who happens to stumble across this page) to enjoy, as well as writing about any other GW related stuff that catches my fancy (I've been promising myself a fully annotated breakdown of the End Times series for years...).

With the mission statement out of the way, I figure now's as good a time as any to drop a few photos I've previously taken of models from my own Cities of Sigmar force (from Greywater Fastness, after a brief flirtation with Tempest's Eye):

My Gunmaster - fun fact, this guy was originally converted to represent Valius Maliti, the master architect who designed Greywater Fastness, before Valius was revealed to have been the Changeling all along in the Disciples of Tzeentch battletome! Now he's one of Valius's former apprentices, with an elaborate masked helm concealing a face horribly scared by the Changeling's warpfire, and a taste for inflicting vengeance on the forces of Chaos (while putting himself as far away from them at the back of my deployment zone as is possible).

Duardin army, photographed before a 1000 point tournament a few years ago, featuring some very old models. Prize to anyone who can identify all of them!

Drunk duardin next to an objective marker made from an old Games Day model. I like to imagine the daemon's severed head's a creepy oracle that speaks in riddles, and the sword in the stone's a cool bonus prize for anyone that manages to put up with its jibes.

Another objective marker + a couple of duardin rangers. Are they lost?

Unforged I converted for a competition the TGA forums. Believe it or not this model started life as Khorne slaughterpriest. Has a very elaborate backstory.

I try to convert almost all my models slightly, and the Lord-Ordinator from Malign Portents was no exception. He has long since been based.

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