Monday, 16 December 2019

QUICK REVIEW: Hamilcar: Age of Enlightenment (short)

Gracing the Black Library's annual advent calendar today is Hamilcar: The Age of Enlightenment, a short story staring (and told by) Hamilcar Bear-eater, David Guymer's rambunctious Stormcast Lord-Castellant turned Knight-Questor. With a blub promising a featured role for Settrus, the obviously-made-out-to-be-Settra Lord-Celestant, who'd triggered the Longbeard internet in February this year when he'd appeared as a misfiring Easter egg in Guymer's novel, Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods, I was definitely curious enough to pick up Age of Enlightenment and get more information on such a controversial take on a classic WFB character.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

GUIDE: The Blacksmoke Battery (Mercenary Company)

Are you veteran Dwarf or Empire player who misses actual cannons and the damage they put out, a Dispossessed fan who wants duardin war machines to match the rest of your troops, or simply a shooting phase aficionado looking to add a bit of variety to your gunline? Look no further than the Blacksmoke Battery, a mercenary company of redoubtable duardin artillerists introduced in the General's Handbook 2019, and one of Cities of Sigmar's best kept secrets (especially in Greywater Fastness armies), that I'll be fully exploring getting the most bang for your buck from, whichever army you choose to use them in with this tactical guide.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

CITY SPOTLIGHT (?): Lawrence's Sunz of Rust Ironjawz

City Spotlight is back... with an army you'd be very pressed to describe as civilised, but I felt was so good I couldn't not make an exception for and feature on the blog. Presenting my very dear friend Lawrence's Sunz of Rust Ironjawz, an incredible project years in the making, currently taking the internet by storm after making it up to 2,000 points and being unveiled at Warhammer Achievements earlier this month, where Law went on to win the best army trophy.

Friday, 8 November 2019

EVENT REPORT: Grewyater Fastness (and Gotrek) at Warhammer Achievements 7

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Steve Wren's Warhammer Achievements (now in it's seventh year), my first proper narrative event. Originally put together for WFB by Steve (now events manager at Warhammer World), who continues to run it under the umbrella of Blood and Glory at the Roundhouse in Derby, Warhammer Achievements is an event like no other, where the overall winner is determined by how many "achievements points" players can score on and off the battlefield.

Friday, 11 October 2019

REVIEW: Battletome: Cities of Sigmar Limited Edition

Battletome: Cities of Sigmar has been in the wild for a week now, and I figured that with the book already out there, I'd give myself a chance to get over the initial wave of new and let it sink in before putting up a review.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Can't decide which City of Sigmar to play? Take this handy quiz!

Cities of Sigmar armies have to come from one of the seven named Free Cities in the battletome (or a functionally identical city of your own devising from the same realm). If you're interested in starting Cities of Sigmar, but can't settle on a Free City for your army to come from? Despair not. In an effort to stay busy while avoiding doing any actual work I've been messing about and have put together an interactive quiz, that in a laborious seven question process should help determine which city is the best fit for you...

Thursday, 26 September 2019

No Substitute: Discontinued Units in Cities of Sigmar - Part 2: Aelves

Welcome back to my two-part guide on how to incorporate discontinued units both recent and dating back to the last millennium into your Cities of Sigmar force. Part 1 focused on humans and duardin (and halflings!), and in the concluding instalment it's the aelves' turn.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

No Substitute: Discontinued Units in Cities of Sigmar - Part 1: Humans and Duardin

Nobody likes having a new army book, battletome or codex come out and feel like it's telling them their cherished older models are now consigned to the domain of friendly games and *shudder* community driven alternative rules sets, and it seems like this is what an awful lot of Cities of Sigmar players feel right now. I completely disagree with this sentiment, and have put together a guide detailing the best way to continue using both recently and long (we're talking like Dogs of War long) discontinued miniatures in Cities of Sigmar armies moving forward.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

REVIEW: Ghoulslayer - Part 2: Spoiler Warning

FULL SPOILERS AHEAD - Jump back to Part 1 if you've not read the book yet. As with my previous Gotrek reviews, I hope this part of the review can also serve as a recap ahead of any future instalments.

REVIEW: Ghoulslayer - Part 1: Spoiler Free

Released in a publicity blitz alongside the new miniature and Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World,  Darius Hinks' Ghoulslayer is Gotrek's first full length Age of Sigmar novel, and continues the  established *slayer titling convention begun in 1999 into the Mortal Realms (I'm personally looking forward to Ossiarch-Bonereaper-Gothizzar-Harvesterslayer). As per my reviews of Gotrek's audio dramas I've split this review into two parts, with Part 2 containing spoilers and a plot summary.

Friday, 20 September 2019

REVIEW: The Neverspike (short)

Not as widely publicised as Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World or Ghoulslayer, The Neverspike is a short story by Darius Hinks that bridges the gap between the two, setting up Ghoulslayer (also by Darius Hinks) by introducing a new adventuring companion for Gotrek (and Maleneth) at the start of the novel, getting the Slayer to Shyish, and giving us his motivation for wanting to be there. Mild spoilers follow.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

REVIEW: Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World - Part 2: Spoilertastic Summary

Welcome to the second part of my Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World review (the spoiler-free Part 1 found here). From here on I'll be giving a detailed summary of the events taking place in the audio drama (including FULL SPOILERS, so back away now if you've yet to listen to it yourself!), that will hopefully serve as a nice refresher recap for anyone's who's left a gap between Blood of the Old World and Ghoulslayer, or any of Gotrek's future adventures.

REVIEW: Realmslayer: Blood of The Old World - Part 1: No Spoilers

Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World is now available to listen to both on Audible and in physical format, and having had the day to myself to get some painting in anyway, I've listened to the entire thing and typed up a quick review. The review's split into two posts in the same format as my previous look at Realmslayer, with the first spoiler-free, and Part 2 being a spoilerific plot summary. If you want to check out my original Realmslayer review, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Friday, 6 September 2019

REVIEW: Gotrek's New Warscroll

In case you've spent the last day under a particularly thick rock, Gotrek's new AoS rules have just hit - by way of a rather charming Warhammer Community article where he proceeds to beat the mould lines off some of AoS's bigger plastic kits (and some unfortunate Night Goblins). Let's take a detailed look at our old friend's new rules!

Sunday, 1 September 2019

CITY SPOTLIGHT: Chris Burwood's Gharuki Forest Duardin

City Spotlight returns, with what (by a very narrow margin) may be my favourite Age of Sigmar army ever: the Gharuki Forest Duardin of Chris Burwood, aka Brad Gamma of the TGA forums (I may or may not have massive duardin bias).

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Converting a New General - Part 1: Meet My Very Old General

I've decided to mark the release of Battletome: Cities of Sigmar by converting a new general to helm my Greywater Fastness force. The book isn't out yet, and I currently don't have any idea what I'll be converting my new general out of, what warscroll I'll use, or even what race they'll be - likely either a Freeguild General on Griffon or Warden King, or maybe even a Stormcast, very unlikely to be an aelf. I only currently know one thing about my future general, whoever he or she may be, and to explain it I'll have to explain Dargrimm, my long-suffering Warhammer general of almost 20 years...

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

CITY SPOTLIGHT(?): The Harrowmark and the Ironfang Fleet by Warboss Kurgan

We're only on the second instalment of City Spotlight, and the we're already taking a detour from its established premise. In a special edition of the column, only tangentially related to Cities of Sigmar, I interview the estimable Warboss Kurgan, aka Saul about The Harrowmark, the sprawling narrative project he's been running since AoS's inception, developing an area of the Realm of Death, that's spun into scenery, campaigns, art, and almost every other aspect of the hobby; as well as the Ironfang Fleet, the comparatively civilised (by Destruction standards at least!) group of orruks who live there, and the Harrowmark's few Order-fringing inhabitants...

Sunday, 11 August 2019

REVIEW: Realmslayer - Part 2: Spoilerific Recap

Here's the second part of my Realmslayer review (the first part, sans spoilers found here) - a handy recap of what went down in the audio drama for anyone who needs their memory refreshed ahead of Gotrek's two new adventures Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World and Ghoulslayer when they hit next month.

REVIEW: Realmslayer - Part 1: Spoiler Free

Now owing as much to the fact that I'm overseas on holiday as the Cities of Sigmar battletome not having been released yet, here's another microwaved TGA post, this time in two parts - a review of Realmslayer by David Guymer, the Gotrek Gurnisson Age of Sigmar audio drama released by the folks at Black Library at the end of last year, followed by a recap of what happened in ahead of Realmslayer: Blood of the Old World and Ghoulslayer, the new Gotrek audio drama and novel set for release alongside his incredible new miniature next month.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

CITY SPOTLIGHT: Dekay's Storm-Aelves of Ghur

Welcome to City Spotlight! In the first instalment of a (hopefully) regular feature on the blog, highlighting some of the very best Cities of Sigmar forces currently securing the Mortal Realms, we meet Karol Gorniak, aka Dekay of the TGA Forums and his brilliant Storm-Aelves of Ghur.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Did the WFB Timeline Ever Really Move Forward? A Look Back

Another day, another dearth of Cities of Sigmar stuff to write about, meaning I've decided to a revisit an old TGA post on the relaxed impetus of the old Warhammer setting. I should really get it out of my system and rebrand as an Oldhammer blog already...

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

RETRO REVIEW: Warhammer Armies: Dogs of War (1998)

With so little information on what to look forward to, I thought I'd look back at my personal-all time favourite Games Workshop publication (sorry Skavenslayer), a flawed masterpiece, and possible long lost ancestor of Cities of Sigmar...

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

So what's a "City of Sigmar" and why haven't I heard of them? A Brief History

If you're reading this post a short while into the future, chances are you have heard of Cities of Sigmar - they're the horrible gamebreaking point-and-click gunline army, that even after their third errata nerf continues to dominate the competitive meta; with hastily contrast painted cannons and aelf archers taking up 95% of tournament tables. If like me, you're from the past, then read on...

Monday, 29 July 2019

Hello! + some painted models

Welcome to the first (and at a reasonable guess given my attention span, last) post on my Cities of Sigmar blog for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The Cities of Sigmar (or Free Cities for those of us who've been around since 2016), and the factions that make them up have been my favourite part of the game and setting since they first appeared, and to me are the perfect marriage of classic Warhammer's look and background, and Age of Sigmar's extravagant themes and limitless capacity for creativity.